Built on the site that puts the GRAND in GRANDVIEW.

Featuring authentic 1960’s mid-century modern architecture, Summit Chase is well known in the community for its unparalleled city views, first-class amenities, and for being called “home” by many well known, influential individuals.

George Cambridge Urlin, who was one of the earliest residents of the Grandview area, along with several others decided to purchase land on the outskirts of Columbus. Their intent– establish a small community. During the development of the land, which would later become Goodale Boulevard, Mr. Urlin had begun construction on a mansion for him and his wife that would stand majestically at the top of a hill. When the construction of their mansion was completed, that was when Grandview Heights coined its name. Alice Urlin exclaimed from the tower of their new mansion:


Mr. and Mrs. Urlin later had two daughters, Margaret and Claudine, who were born in the mansion. Claudine Urlin married her future husband in the mansion tower, and a home was built for them on the property in what was once referred to as the “North Pasture,” which is now 1042 Urlin Avenue.

In 1949, Claudine (Urlin) France sold the mansion to a local developer, Scioto House, Inc., to which the developer razed the mansion with plans of building a residential high-rise on the property.

In 1964, construction began on the community named, Summit Chase. The name is deriving from “summit” meaning the highest point on a hill or mountain; and “chase” meaning in the United Kingdom, “open land.” Summit Chase opened its doors for the first time in June 1966. The newly constructed building utilizes the same Goodale Boulevard driveway as the original Urlin mansion entrance.

Summit Chase was initially marketed and leased as high-end luxury apartments featuring top-notch amenities such as Hotpoint appliances, parquet flooring, and a master antenna for color and black & white television service. In 1977, the apartments were converted to condominiums and sold as prime real-estate to eager buyers. Reception from local city officials say that:


Summit Chase and its architect, E.A. Glendening & Associates, also boast the distinction of being awarded the 1967 American Institute of Architecture (AIA) honor award. In addition, Summit Chase was the former home of John Glenn, former U.S. Senator of Ohio from 1974-1999, and a member of the Astronaut Hall of Fame. In 2002, a garden was dedicated to John and his wife, Annie Glenn.

John Glenn on his apartment terrace.

Today, Summit Chase still lives true to its brand of being one of the finest places to call home in Columbus. As time goes on, Summit Chase will always pride itself on preserving the look and culture of the community, while still being progressive and a place many will call home for years to come.